Singaporean’s Unique Eras Tour Ticket Giveaway Raises Funds for Children’s Charity

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Singaporean Philanthropist Announces Charitable Concert Ticket Giveaway

Our trusted source recently informed us about an altruistic initiative put forth by Singaporean citizen Leon Qiu. Qiu created a unique type of fundraiser using social media platform, TikTok, with a dual purpose: raising funds for a non-profit organization and rewarding a lucky participant with VIP tickets to Taylor Swift’s upcoming Eras Tour concert on March 8th.

Behind the Initiative

Qiu chose a meaningful beneficiary, Child at Street 11, a dedicated institution committed to the care and development of children from low-income families beyond the school hours. The eminent man requests participants to donate any amount to this noble cause in exchange for an opportunity to win the concert tickets. Donations are to be channeled through, a reputable platform backed by Singapore’s Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth.

The Impact of the Fundraiser

The objective of the campaign is to amass $10,000 for Child at Street 11. It costs $8,640 to sponsor one child’s upkeep for a month, and this fundraiser will go a long way in covering those costs. Qiu, a recent PhD graduate, opted to sacrifice attending the concert, even after securing four tickets amounting to $4,992, in a bid to create awareness for this charity group which holds a special place in his heart.

After thorough thought, Qiu, together with his wife, found it more prudent to use the concert tickets as a resource to raise funds than attending a concert of songs, they barely knew and amidst anticipated loud crowds. This decision was also inspired by their desire to inculcate the culture of compassionate helping in their young son.

The Selection Criterion and Project Progress

The lucky winner will be selected based on the most persuasive comment among the submitted entries. By the time of filing this report, the charity had managed to raise an approximated $6,900, marked by 77 individual entries.

A Word from the CEO

  • Barbara Lee, the chief executive officer at Child at Street 11, extended her profound gratitude to Qiu for his philanthropic initiative, noting its substantial value in spearheading the improvement of the quality of education and general assistance to the children under their care
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