Singapore Harnesses Geospatial Tech in Healthcare: SLA and MOHT Forge Key Partnerships

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Transformative Power of Geospatial Technologies in Social and Healthcare Sectors

As per our recent coverage, the potential of geospatial technologies is becoming increasingly evident across a plethora of sectors. Notably, it is making significant strides in revolutionizing the social and healthcare arenas by strengthening national initiatives. This is primarily being accomplished through the formation of strategic partnerships.

A Landmark Development in Geo Connect Asia 2024

One such groundbreaking development was witnessed at the Geo Connect Asia 2024 event. The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and the Ministry of Health’s Office for Healthcare Transformation (MOHT) have agreed to collaborate for advancing the Digital Local Connect initiative. This initiative signifies the formalization of their shared commitment, executed via a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), to leverage geospatial technologies for enhancing accessibility to health and social care services.

Mission of the Digital Local Connect Initiative

The main objective of this initiative is the creation of a digital resource guide, based on distinct precincts, to assist residents in efficiently accessing and navigating healthcare and social services. By leveraging geospatial technologies, residents can avail of necessary services with minimum effort and time, subsequently enhancing overall wellbeing in the community.

Another Collaboration with SingHealth Community Hospitals

Further expanding its outreach, the SLA has also partnered with SingHealth Community Hospitals to co-create a comprehensive living asset map. This map aims to identify community assets and activities in a precise way. As a result, the Digital Local Connect initiative can now extend its benefits to an enlarged demographic.

Implications of these Partnerships

  • Enhanced accessibility to vital healthcare and social services
  • Increased use of geospatial technology aids inwellbeing of the community
  • Greater outreach by expanding the remit of Digital Local Connect initiative to a more extensive demographic base.

At the heart of this integration of geospatial technologies into healthcare delivery is the intimate understanding that health and wellness are deeply interlinked with a community’s spatial environment. The collaboration between SLA, MOHT, and SingHealth Community Hospitals is a testimony to this. As such, the development represents a significant leap towards attaining better health and wellness outcomes in Singapore.


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