Sète’s Traveling School and Local TV Productions Forge Pathways for Film Industry Hopefuls

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Professional Training for the Film Industry Flourishes in Sète

According to our sources, Sète, a city known for its burgeoning film scene, is witnessing significant advancements in terms of professional training for the film industry. One name standing tall amongst the crowd is the Traveling School, which has been offering proficient training in varied roles such as stagehand, electrician, and set props since its inception in 2019.

Effective Partnerships Resulting in Rapid Employment Opportunities

One of the significant aspects of the Traveling School’s success is its close kinship with local film productions in Sète. Recognizable names include the series ‘Tomorrow belongs to us’ and ‘Here it all begins’ showcased by TF1 and France Télévisions’ acclaimed series, ‘Un si grand soleil.’ These partnerships have proven to be instrumental in creating immediate employment opportunities for the school’s learners.

Pivotal Collaborations Boosting Industry Engagement

The school’s deep-rooted mission to engage effectively with the industry is evident through its substantial collaborations with key players in the field like France Travail, the Occitanie Region, and Afdas. These partnerships play a crucial role in recruiting as well as funding training for its learners.

A Diverse Learning Experience

Coming from a rich tapestry of professional backgrounds, learners at the Traveling School are provided with hands-on training essential for mastering film production’s diverse challenges. The practical modules designed for its training programs cater to the precise needs of these productions, contributing to a learning environment that favors reality over theory.

Pivotal Role of Internships in Training

  • A noteworthy aspect of the school’s approach to training is the significant role played by internships on film sets. It offers students the unique opportunity to experience firsthand the demanding, yet thrilling, environment of a live film set.
  • Fostering a Robust Workforce for the Film Industry

    This symbiotic co-existence between the school and the local film industry not only ensures instant employment opportunities for the graduates but also bolsters the region’s intermittent workforce for the film sector. The Traveling School’s presence in Sète’s vibrant cinema landscape promises to strengthen the film industry’s backbone, paving the way for a bright future looking ahead.

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