Serious Worries Uncovered in Church Farm Care Home Evaluation

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New Concerns for Church Farm Care Home

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) in the UK recently uncovered grave issues at Church Farm Care Home in Great Yarmouth. This report includes a record of a resident who had not been fed for three days. The operator, Hewitt-Hill Limited from Ashley Care Group, disagrees with these findings.

Hewitt-Hill’s Response

Hewitt-Hill Limited has claimed that these serious problems were due to a ‘mistake in logging’ and were issues inherited from the previous administrators. The operator added they were already working on fixing these problems when the inspection happened. But, these explanations do not lessen the seriousness of the discovered problems.

Reaction from CQC and Norfolk County Council

The CQC immediately took necessary actions to protect the home’s residents after the shocking findings, including safeguarding referrals. Norfolk County Council also showed its worry about Ashley Group’s care homes’ quality and began checking them. Church Farm Care Home was graded as ‘poor’ in all important areas, with cases of preventable harm done to residents and insufficient safety measures for a new resident who showed self-harm tendencies.

Stopping Admissions and Improvement Steps

The council has stopped new admissions to the home for now and is joining forces with health partners to make much-needed improvements. The CQC report pointed out weak leadership and inadequate screening by the new provider as the root of these problems.

As a result of these findings, the operator’s denial, and the council’s initiative, attention is now focused on steps needed for improvement. The future for residents at Church Farm Care Home is uncertain, underlining the need and importance to correct these serious problems quickly.


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