Saskatchewan Matches Tobacco and Vaporizer Sale Age to Legal Drinking Limit

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New Regulations in Saskatchewan Raise the Legal Age for Tobacco and Vapour Products

In a bid to protect the youth, Saskatchewan has raised the purchase age for tobacco and vapour products to 19 years of age. The change, which equates the age limit with the legal drinking age in the province, introduces a new set of restrictions for retailers, who must now modify their point-of-sale signs.

Swift and Decisive Legislative Action

Originally conceived in October, the legislation has now been finalized, demonstrating the government’s commitment to ensuring the safety of Saskatchewan’s young populace. Health Minister Everett Hindley, a vocal proponent of the new law, stressed the pivotal role of this action in safeguarding the youth from the potential dangers of tobacco and vapours. The unanimous endorsement from the legislative body underscores the urgency of the matter and the unanimous commitment to tackle it.

An Effective Measure to Safeguard the Youth

Despite the advancement, some concerns remain unresolved such as the availability of Zonnic nicotine pouches to users under 19. The Canadian Cancer Society, a firm believer in total restrictions on all nicotine products, has raised this issue. It is expected that the government will take the initiative to distribute stickers providing caution regarding the updated age prerequisite starting from the onset of February.

Fighting the Trend

Rob Cunningham, a renowned policy analyst working for the Canadian Cancer Society, lauded the measure, citing its potential effect in suppressing smoking and vaping among young individuals. In his view, considering that most smokers start at an early age, Saskatchewan’s assertive action is a considerable leap towards halting the trend. Earlier, Saskatchewan distinguished itself as the second province to impose a smoking ban within restaurants back in 2005.

Keeping Unresolved Issues in Focus

Regardless of the progress made, there remain some persisting concerns that need addressing. Zonnic nicotine pouches, which are still legally available to underages, are a major point of contention. The Canadian Cancer Society, in its fight for a complete ban on all nicotine products, continues to emphasize this issue. Looking forward, the government is anticipated to initiate measures such as rolling out warning stickers about the updated age requirements starting February.


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