Rostelecom Eyes Autumn IPO for Data Center Subsidiary, Signaling Market Growth

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Rostelecom Considers Autumn Initial Public Offering for Data Center Subsidiary

An Inside Story

According to reports from our credible sources, Russian telecommunications powerhouse Rostelecom is reportedly looking into an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for its data center subsidiary. The potential IPO could take place as soon as the upcoming autumn.

Alignment with Previous Plans

This development is in line with Rostelecom’s previously disclosed plans to list one of its subsidiaries, a move that could potentially increase its public visibility and financial standing. The exact identity of the subsidiary that is considered for the IPO has not been confirmed yet.

No Official Comment Yet

Despite this news circulating in financial market arenas, Rostelecom has stayed silent on the matter. When approached for comment, Rostelecom did not offer an official statement or any further details about the potential IPO.

Sources of the Report

The information came to us from three sources closely connected to the financial market.

  • The report was initially compiled by Olga Popova, an experienced financial journalist in our team along with Oksana Kobzeva and Gleb Stolyarov.
  • Further contributions to the report’s writing were provided by Olzhas Auyezov, a prominent figure in our financial reporting department.
  • The final version was edited and reviewed by Jason Neely, our senior editor.

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