Rosatom’s Novawind Eyes Far East Expansion for Wind Farms Amid Renewable Push

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Rosatom Explores Wind Energy Opportunities in Russia’s Far East

Rosatom’s wind energy arm, Novawind, is researching the feasibility of establishing wind farms in the Far East region of Russia. Viktor Svistunov, the deputy CEO, revealed this information during a meeting at the Federation Council. As of now, the company is in the process of evaluating potential locations for its wind power projects, in its bid to boost the production of renewable energy across the nation.

Distant Region Faces Unique Challenges

Despite the energy potential, the Far East region has a unique set of complexities. Unlike other regions of Russia where energy generation is driven by a market-based pricing system, the Far East is yet to join Russia’s energy price zone. As a result, incentives such as Capacity Supply Agreements (CSAs) common in other areas for encouraging investment in renewable energy are presently non-applicable in this region.

Unlocking the Future of Wind Energy

The existing CSA scheme for renewable energy, set to continue up to the year 2035, provides investors with a means of gaining returns on their investments via energy market payments. Unfortunately, the upcoming round of project selection for this scheme, which fosters investor competition, might be pushed back to December 2024.

The Energy Ministry is considering this postponement to coincide with the anticipated integration of the Far East into the second price zone of the energy market, a change that is expected to occur in July. This would open up the possibilities for renewable energy projects, like those planned by Novawind, to take advantage of the existing support mechanisms in place.

The Road Ahead

  • Novawind’s pioneering move presents a potential game-changer for the renewable energy industry in Russia. The feasibility study could open up new vistas for wind energy projects.
  • The progress being made in including the Far East in Russia’s energy price zone is a critical factor for the renewable energy sector.
  • The unsettled issue of the renewable energy CSA program and project selection is causing some concern; however, if timed right, it could synchronize perfectly with the ongoing efforts to integrate the Far East into the energy market.

As per our source, the energy industry eagerly awaits further developments and the eventual outcome of these initiatives. Regardless of the immediate uncertainties, the overall direction appears promising for the future of renewable energy in Russia.


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