Romania Gains Lithuania’s Support for Schengen Accession: A Strategic EU and NATO Partnership

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Marcel Ciolacu Thanks Lithuanian PM for Productive Talks

Marcel Ciolacu, a well-known diplomatic figure, took to our source to publicly express his appreciation towards Ingrida Simonyte, the current Prime Minister of Lithuania. In a post, Ciolacu recounted the highlights from their recent meeting, including Lithuania’s ongoing support for Romania’s entry into the Schengen area.

Lithuania’s Continued Support for Romania’s Schengen Accession

In his account of the productive conversation, Ciolacu highlighted Lithuania’s unwavering support as a key ally in Romania’s bid to join the Schengen area. It’s understood from our source that this partnership has boosted Romania’s confidence in its imminent admission.

Strengthened Partnership in the EU, NATO and other Initiatives

The conversation extended beyond Romania’s Schengen bid and delved into the larger international arena. Ciolacu expressed his optimism in the reinforced cooperation between Lithuania and Romania within EU and NATO frameworks. From our source, it’s evident that both countries are eager to further align on crucial regional economic and defense matters.

  • The Three Seas Initiative (3SI)
  • The Bucharest Nine (B9Format)

Ciolacu specifically mentioned the Three Seas Initiative (3SI) and the Bucharest Nine (B9Format). He sees these initiatives as vital platforms that can bring like-minded nations together and spur growth and security in the region.

To conclude, Marcel Ciolacu’s message of gratitude to Prime Minister Simonyte underscores Romania’s commitment to strengthening its strategic bonds with the EU, NATO, and regional partners. His confident acknowledgement of Lithuania’s continued support signifies the deep-rooted camaraderie between the two nations. From our source, it is clear that the discussions between Ciolacu and Simonyte marked an important step in further cementing this alliance.


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