Remembering Denis L. Patenaude: The Heartbeat of Maine’s Vintage Car Scene

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Passing of Denis L. Patenaude

Distinguished Belgrade local, Denis L. Patenaude, was mourned on the 15th of February, 2024. Born into the welcoming world on the 20th of June 1948, Patenaude was the beloved son of Irenée ‘Rene’ and Madeline (Pepin) Patenaude. At 75 years, Denis bid his final goodbye, leaving his loved ones and the community enthralled by his remarkable persona suffused with an ardent love for vintage and antique cars.

A Life Lived with Passion

According to our sources, Denis was instrumental in kindling passionate love for antique automobiles as a co-establisher of the vintage car enthusiast group, the AMC Maineiacs. His professional journey sprawled over diverse fields, encompassing stints at Edwards Paper Mill, service for the State of Maine, and days with the Associated Grocers in Gardiner. In his golden years, he delivered joy along with bouquets while working for Hopkins Flowers.

A Legacy of Passion and Kindness

Denis was a man of deep roots, profoundly connected with his heritage. This stalwart was an active participant at Le Club Calumet, adding to its vibrancy. A fountain of knowledge on a myriad of subjects, especially cars and local pathways, he was also known for his kind soul, fun-loving nature, and deep-rooted love for his family.

Denis Patenaude: Survived and Remembered by Many

Denis is survived by his adoring wife, Gail, proud daughters Echo Faucher and Dr. Cassandra Patenaude, loving grandchildren, and a host of siblings, nieces, and nephews. Each of them carries a part of Denis within them, a testament of his enduring influence on their lives.

Remembering Denis: A Tribute to a Remarkable Life

  • A mass of Christian Burial is set to take place on March 2, paying tribute to the devout Christian life Denis led.
  • A Celebration of Life, an occasion to reminisce the unique journey of Denis, is planned for June 1, 2024, at Le Club Calumet. In accordance with his love for cars, attendees are encouraged to bring their specialty cars in a show of respect and remembrance for Denis.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to Denis’s family and the AMC Maineiacs community as they navigate through these times of loss.

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