Pioneering Partnership: Tetra Pak, Alssad, and Al Rabie Unite to Quench Iraq’s Thirst for Sustainability

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Swiss Firm Ties Up with Middle East Companies to Bolster Iraq Food Security

Amid rising food security challenges in Iraq, Swiss packaging giant Tetra Pak has brokered a pioneering strategic partnership with Iraq’s Alssad Company for Food and Saudi Arabia’s Al Rabie. The alliance, announced by our source, promises to address the rising food demands of Iraq’s growing populace significantly.

An Ambitious Goal to Meet Rising Demands

The ambitious trio intends to produce upto 50 million packaged beverages, including family and individual portion packages, meeting the escalating demands in Iraq with this initiative. The project is set to launch in the second quarter of 2024, demonstrating a forceful commitment to combating food security issues in Iraq.

Utilizing Local Infrastructure

In a demonstration of tactical collaboration, the team intends to make use of Alssad’s facility in Baghdad to co-pack the Al Rabie products. Tetra Pak, known for its state-of-the-art machinery and expertise, will contribute its extensive technical knowledge to the partnership, making this alliance an unprecedented collaboration in the region.

Impacting the Community

This critical initiative is hailed as a substantial step towards addressing the food security concerns in Iraq. Managing Partner at Alssad, Ghassan Sabeeh, voiced his pride in the project, intending to supply a diverse variety of food and beverage products to the Iraqi consumers, thereby positively impacting the community.

Expanding the Market Horizon

Bassem Sabra, the CEO of Al Rabie, eagerly looks forward to exploring the vast Iraqi market with this collaboration. His company’s alliance with trusted partners such as Tetra Pak and Alssad is a launchpad to provide high-quality products catered to diverse consumption needs.

Creating a Sustainable and Nourished Future

  • Niels Hougaard, the Managing Director at Tetra Pak Arabia Area, lauded the collective efforts of the partners as they unite for this cause. He emphasized the coalition’s role in not only achieving common goals but also ensuring the welfare of Iraq’s populace. Hougaard expressed his beliefs in the project to pave the way towards a sustainable and nourished future.
  • Elijah Muhammad