Orion Academy Triumphs in Spirited Debate on Carnival Culture in Dominica

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The Reader Wall Exclusive: Debating Carnival Celebrations in Dominica

In an exclusive report from The Reader Wall sources, The UWI Global Campus Dominica played host to the second round of an Inter-Secondary Debating Competition on February 23. The schools at the center of this intense intellectual battle were Convent High School and Orion Academy. The heated topic for discussion for this meeting of minds was whether Carnival celebrations in Dominica have turned overly sensual, stepping away from local customs and traditions.

A Deeper Look into the Debate

The representatives of Convent High School in the debate were Thérèse Le Blanc and Nia Williams. These students provided strong arguments supporting the notion that the Carnival celebrations have become excessively sexualized. They highlighted how traditional elements of the Carnival, including the celebrated Ole Mas, are being overshadowed by content of sexual explicitness, which holds a far more commercial appeal in today’s festivities.

Arguing against this perspective were Orion Academy’s representatives, Dymond Daniel and Éhjadi Maxwell. They offered a different outlook on the current state of the Carnival. The duo emphasized the celebration’s month-long integration of conventional cultural activities, making it an event that caters to people of all age groups.

The Verdict

The intellectual battle ended with Orion Academy winning the debate convincingly. One of their representatives, Dymond Daniel, went home with the Best Speaker award, adding another feather to the school’s cap.

Ahead in the Debating Competition

The subsequent stage in this engaging debating tournament, the semi-finals, has been scheduled for March 18. The event has garnered significant local attention and backing, with numerous local businesses stepping up to sponsor the competition. This promises an even more engaging and hotly debated semi-final event. Stay tuned with The Reader Wall for all the latest updates on this developing story.

  • The UWI Global Campus Dominica hosted the second round of the Inter-Secondary Debating Competition on February 23.
  • The Convent High School argued that Carnival celebrations in Dominica have become overly sexualized.
  • The Orion Academy defended the Carnival, highlighting its inclusivity of traditional and cultural activities and appeal to all ages.
  • The Orion Academy came out victorious with Dymond Daniel becoming the ‘Best Speaker’.
  • The semi-finals are scheduled for March 18.
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