Online Course by IPLA Allows Professionals and Parents for Beneficial Civic Involvement

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The Institute for Parent Leadership and Advocacy Offers Unique Advocacy Course

Our source just informed us that the Institute for Parent Leadership and Advocacy (IPLA) has come up with something innovative. They are all set to provide a free online course for advocacy and civic participation. This course is suitable for Washington state residents, particularly parents and professionals working with families. The primary goal of this course is to empower attendees with an in-depth understanding of local as well as state systems. By doing so, IPLA aims to encourage more active participation in public schools and local communities.

A Path Toward Empowerment

The mission of IPLA’s initiative is more than just providing a course. They aim to equip attendees with communication skills strong enough to interact confidently with decision-makers. This effort is not merely to start dialogues but to foster advocacy for issues that matter to the participants. Therefore, it’s not just about gaining knowledge; it’s a path toward empowerment.

Course Timeline and Language Accessibility

According to our source, this 11-week course begins on Saturday, March 2, and concludes on Saturday, May 11. IPLA intends to make this course accessible for a wide range of participants. Consequently, the course will be provided in both English and Spanish. This multilingual move aims to dismantle language barriers that could potentially limit access to this enriching resource.

Enrollment period for Spring 2024 Session

News just in, the enrollment period for the Spring 2024 session is now open. This is a unique opportunity for interested individuals to sign up and acquire crucial knowledge for effective advocacy and civic participation. IPLA’s free online course is not just an informational program; it is a platform that empowers individuals to contribute proactively to their communities.

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