Officers Handle Multiple Types of Events: From Legal Matters to Unpredictable Driving

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Recent Local Law Enforcement Activities Remind Community of Safety and Security

Our inside sources indicate a bustle of activity for law enforcement in our locale recently. Involving numerous incidents requiring peace officers’ response, this wave of activity ranged from civil disputes and unintentional 911 calls to irregular driving behavior and much more. Specifically, Deputy Morgan was tasked with settling a civil matter involving child custody at Paul Road, Chesterville, while Deputy Gray was responding to inadvertent 911 calls and a snowmobile-related issue in Eustis.

Erratic Driving Instances and Civil Complaints Receive Attention

One of the significant cases involved Deputy Couture handling a complaint about reckless driving on Wilton Road, Farmington. The investigation’s outcome saw Curtis Henderson taken into custody for Operating Under the Influence (OUI) and Driving to Endanger. Concurrently, Deputy Wacome was engaged in a civil complaint resolution related to an automobile loan on Chesterville Hill Road in Chesterville. He also intervened in a domestic dispute in New Sharon, which resolved without any charges being filed.

Medical Crises and Disturbances Call Deputies to Action

In another notable case, Deputy Elmes catered to a medical emergency due to drug overdose in Eustis. This particular situation puts a spotlight on the ongoing fight against substance abuse in this area. In a separate event in Rangeley, Deputy Elmes’ intervention led to the arrest of Jessika Tibbetts on charges of Domestic Violence Assault.

From Vehicle Collisions to Varied Complaints, Deputies Keep Busy

Our Sergeant Bean had his hands full dealing with vehicle collisions in Rangeley and Sandy River Plt, which resulted in the arrest of individuals for OUI, thereby focusing on the continual battle against drunk driving. Other incidents included minor collisions, civil disputes, accidental 911 calls, trespassing complaints, a sex-related offense complaint, welfare checks, and execution of a search warrant that lead to the arrest of Joey Savage. Traffic-related issues that involved several OUI arrests and collisions between cars and deer also kept deputies occupied.

Detectives Tackle Investigations and Engage with School Students

In conclusion, our sources informed us that Detective Richards and Deputy DiSilvestro handled various investigations ranging from a death probe to theft complaints. They also managed to carve out time to engage with students during school visits, emphasizing the critical role that community engagement and early education play in preempting criminal behavior in the community.

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