Nutritionist Sherry Ogasawara Promotes a Healthy Balance in Diet and Wellness

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A New Perspective on Diet and Health: Balancing Act over Labels

Dietitian Sherry Ogasawara is challenging the way we categorize food into ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’,’- a practice she believes may be harmful psychologically. The discussion around this topic is becoming more complex as we explore the nuanced facets of a balanced diet.

Processed versus Ultra-Processed Foods

Ogasawara speaks against the common misconception of all processed foods being bad. An example she gives is apple sauce, a processed food that remains nutritious with simple ingredients like salt, sugar, cinnamon, and citric acid. The real worry should be over ultra-processed foods like a fast-food apple pastry, which contains complicated ingredients and isn’t as healthy.

New Ways to Look at Food

As opposed to cutting out all unhealthy foods, Ogasawara suggests adding healthy items to your meals. A straightforward example is to add vegetables and egg to ramen noodles, turning a basic processed food into a nutritious meal loaded with proteins and micronutrients. The focus of this alternative view on food leans more into variety in your diet, rather than total elimination.

The Mental Effects of Food Categorization

Naming foods as either ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’ can have a damaging psychological effect. We might develop an unhealthy attitude towards food, with some foods regarded as ‘bad’ or ‘prohibited’. This ideology can lead to restrictive eating practices, and potentially, eating disorders. Ogasawara’s method of balancing foods rather than outright restriction presents a more attainable and realistic approach to diet and health.


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