North Somerset Council Navigates Through Financial Storm with New Budget Plan

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North Somerset Council Budget for 2024/25 Approved Despite £16m Shortfall

The North Somerset Council has given the green light for the 2024/25 financial year budget, according to our reliable sources. This new budget addresses the £16m budget shortfall and includes a new measure – a 4.98% rise in council tax. Part of this increased tax will reportedly be earmarked for adult social care services.

Council Leader Mike Bell Voices Concern over Insufficient Government Funding

Mike Bell, the leader of the North Somerset Council, has publicly raised his concerns about the lack of sufficient funding from the government. He pointed out a £37m shortfall when compared to the average funding received by other English councils, a discrepancy that has added to the financial woes of North Somerset Council.

Challenges Dampen Financial Outlook

The financial future of the council appears to be marred by various challenges, including inflation and the rising demand for social services. Despite these hurdles, our sources confirm that the council intends not to compromise on its core services while also putting emphasis on long-term investments.

Fee and Council Tax Increases Expected to Impact Locals

Despite the council’s positive intentions, it’s inevitable that some of the budget measures will have a direct impact on its local residents. Reports suggest that increased fees, charges, and the rise in council tax are some of the measures that residents of North Somerset will have to brace themselves for.

Additional Financial Strategies Required for Next Year

As we project forward, the council will continue to grapple with its budget. By 2025/26, the council will be faced with a projected £9m budget gap. Our sources underline that this situation will necessitate the implementation of further financial strategies, adding an additional layer of uncertainty to the council’s economic stability.


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