Nigeria Targets Quackery in Healthcare with New Regulations, Increases Medical Student Intake

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The Reader Wall News: Minister Alausa’s Healthcare Initiative

Minister Alausa Calls for Stronger Healthcare Regulations

Dr. Tunji Alausa, the Minister of State for Health, has flagged alarming malpractices in the health sector. Such practices, he warns, especially rampant in the unmonitored private sector, are exacerbating the illegal organ harvesting crisis. Alausa, during a courtesy visit to Prince Dapo Abiodun, the Ogun State Governor, hinted at looming federal legislation aimed at combating these issues.

Federal Legislation to Combat Quackery

According to our reliable source, Alausa’s upcoming federal regulations aim to eradicate these potentially life-threatening scourges in the healthcare sector. The Minister stressed that about 60% of the health sector is privately run without adequate oversight, allowing quackery to thrive. As part of the solution to this, he disclosed proposed plans for a nationwide Health Facility Regulatory Commission. The commission’s task will be to upraise healthcare standards and practices throughout the country to ensure the welfare and safety of all Nigerians.

Boosting Healthcare Personnel Production

Alongside this, the government is looking to bolster the production of healthcare personnel. An increase in medical student admissions to 10,000 annually and nursing admissions to a whopping 68,000 per year is anticipated. Such an initiative is borne out of the Sectoral Approach Programme. This robust program is set to channel funds towards basic health provision, operation of primary healthcare centers, national health insurance, and emergency services, ensuring a comprehensive care system for all.

Abiodun Supports Federal Initiatives

Speaking on the inauguration visit, Governor Prince Dapo Abiodun expressed solidarity with the Federal Government’s initiatives. He reiterated his administration’s commitment towards working closely with the federal government to rid the health sector of quack doctors. Abiodun also emphasized his administration’s dedication to align its healthcare delivery with the federal government’s path, aiming to provide all citizens with quality medical care.


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