Navigating Change at the Helm: LHV Pank’s Strategic Board Reshuffle Signals a New Era

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Changes in Management Board for AS LHV Pank

A significant alteration in the composition of the Management Board for AS LHV Pank has been announced by its Supervisory Board. According to our sources, this change will start from the 1st of March, 2024.

Departure of Andres Kitter

The current mainstay of the Management Board, Mr. Andres Kitter, is reportedly stepping down from his position. Kitter’s involvement with LHV Bank Limited in Britain, however, will remain unaltered. He is set to take up the role of Chief Technology Officer, focusing on the bank’s progression across the British landscape.

Annika Goroško’s New Role

With Kitter’s departure, Annika Goroško will be filling in the newly vacant position on the Management Board. Goroško, the current Head of Retail Banking at LHV Pank, is yet to receive confirmation from the ECB for her new role within the Management Board. Goroško has played an instrumental role in steering the retail banking division of LHV Pank since October 2022.

A Glance at Goroško’s Background

Goroško boasts quite an impressive background in the banking sector, enriching it with over 16 years of invaluable experience. Her remarkable career includes substantial roles at Swedbank, where she skillfully managed the Baltic business card portfolio. Further, she made significant contributions in client service, IT, and marketing. Holding a degree in Economics from Tallinn University of Technology, with an emphasis on National Economy, her expertise is undeniable.

Other Roles and Holdings

Besides her time at Swedbank and LHV Pank, Goroško has been actively participating in the management boards of Virtual Garden OÜ and Virtual Garden Tootmine OÜ. She is also a shareholder of LHV Group, owning 100 ordinary shares. Furthermore, she has an option to subscribe for 4,582 shares issued back in 2023.

This pivotal change in the Management Board of AS LHV Pank is set to usher in a new era of growth and development for the bank, marked by the able leadership of Annika Goroško.

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