Nagaland Governor Highlights Community’s Role in Healthcare at Phek PHC Inauguration

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Communities Play Essential Role in Healthcare in Nagaland, Emphasizes Governor

Nagaland Governor’s Remarks During Primary Health Center Inauguration

According to our sources, the Governor of Nagaland, K Sankaranarayanan, has recently highlighted the crucial role of communities in the healthcare system during the inauguration of a primary health center in Phek. His speech emphasized how healthcare extends far beyond doctor appointments and consultations and encompasses aspects such as nutrition, hygiene, sanitation, and access to clean drinking water.

Community participation in maintaining health infrastructure

The Governor also addressed the critical importance of community ownership and active participation in maintaining and managing health infrastructure and resources. He specifically pointed to the National Rural Health Mission’s focus on enhancing health services in Nagaland, which has been designated as a state of special focus.

Addressing Challenges in Rural Healthcare

Furthermore, Sankaranarayanan touched upon persisting issues in the healthcare system, such as the lack of doctors in remote areas, and emphasized the significance of quality medical care in the healing process. He expressed that the provision of healthcare services must be more than a clinical exercise; it must involve the full support and care of the community in the overall healing procedure.

Emphasis on Prevention and Health Education

The Governor stressed the importance of prevention in healthcare, urging the endorsement of healthy measures such as proper nutrition, good sanitation practices, and immunization. Alongside this, he voiced his aspirations for the establishment of a new medical college in Nagaland to foster forward momentum in healthcare advancement in the region.

Contribution from Health & Family Welfare Minister

The inauguration event also included a significant contribution from the Minister for Health & Family Welfare, Kuzholuzo Nienu. Nienu acknowledged the collaborative efforts that went into the development of the Ruzazho PHC. He also called upon the public to continue cooperating and unite as a community, highlighting the importance of unity for the continued progressive development of the healthcare system.


During the inauguration, the Governor’s emphasis on community participation and ownership in healthcare systems, prevention over cure, and the necessity of quality medical care in remote areas send a clear message about the future direction of healthcare in Nagaland.


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