Multi-Car Collision Near Barnstaple: Road Closures and Injuries Reported

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Three-Car Collision on B3232 Leads to Injuries and Traffic Disruptions

Car Clash Shakes Roundswell, Barnstaple

According to our sources, an unfortunate incident unfolded on the morning of March 5 involving a three-car crash on the B3232 near Roundswell, Barnstaple. Emerging reports suggest that the mishap took place at approximately 9.45 am, leading to at least one person suffering injuries.

Emergency Services Rush to the Scene

Immediately after the collision, the authorities were alerted, and first responders were swiftly dispatched. The specifics of the injuries endured by the victim have been kept under wraps as their loved ones are being notified. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this unfortunate incident.

Impact on Road Traffic and Local Commuters

The mishap had prompt ramifications on local transport. Authorities implemented vital road closures promptly after the accident to control the situation, impacting travelers on both tracks between Honeylands (St Johns Chapel) and Rooty Cross Junction (Lovacott).

  • The road closure affected traffic in both directions.
  • Emergency measures were put in place to manage the situation.
  • Despite the seriousness of the incident, traffic was reported to be coping well under the circumstances.

It’s noteworthy that the disrupting event did not lead to a complete standstill of the traffic flow, and local drivers were reportedly able to adjust to the changes sufficiently.

Current State of Affairs

As this report is published, the situation remains unsettled. Our trusted sources confirm that the authorities are still dealing with the repercussions of the crash. As the investigation commences, further updates will be made available to keep our readers informed about the developments in this story.


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