Mother Transforms Tragedy into Triumph: Saving Veterans and Rescues with K9s For Warriors

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A Mother’s Devotion Transforms Tragedy into Lifesaving Mission for Veterans

Our source brings us the heart-rending story of Cherya Cavanaugh, a mother who turned unbearable grief into a commitment to aid ailing veterans. This journey emerged from the unbearable loss of her twin sons, David and Tommy, both esteemed Marines, who tragically succumbed to suicide. Their untimely demise led Cherya to find solace and purpose with K9s for Warriors, a reputable organization that is making a difference in the lives of veterans nationwide.

First Encounter with K9s for Warriors

In her profound grief, Cherya found herself at the headquarters of K9s For Warriors. The visit was initially intended as a pilgrimage to soothe her sorrowful heart. However, the encounter forever altered her perspective and transformed her approach to overcoming her despair.

Cherya’s Journey from Grief to Advocacy

From her first touchpoint with K9s For Warriors, Cherya took a significant step forward. She channeled her sorrow into action, dedicating herself to the mission of the organization. Today, Cherya stands as an active participant in raising funds and training rescue dogs. Her goal is simple yet profound— to mitigate the struggle of veterans battling PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, and military sexual trauma.

Cassidy Joins her Mother’s Mission

The mission wasn’t solitary. Cherya found an ally in her daughter Cassidy. Together, they formed a powerful duo, training four service dogs so far and catalyzing the accumulation of tens of thousands of dollars for K9s For Warriors.

Serving on the Board of K9s For Warriors

Cherya’s commitment and untiring efforts have not gone unnoticed. She now proudly propagates the cause of K9s For Warriors as a part of the board of directors. While her journey commenced in mourning, it has evolved into an instrumental role in a life-changing organization.

The Lifeline for Veterans

The plight of veterans and their desperate call for a lifeline rings resonant in the story of former Marine Kele Clairmont. In his darkest times, it was his service dog Luca, trained by K9s For Warriors, that threw him a lifesaver. Clairmont credits Luca with effectively enhancing his quality of life.

Making a Difference One Dog at a Time

In the heart of Cherya’s commitment and relentless drive lies her desire to curb the pain other families might endure due to the loss of a loved one serving in the military. Through the fostering and training of service dogs, she leverages her personal family tragedy into a mission committed to saving lives and bringing a ray of hope into the lives of troubled veterans.


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