Morgan Stanley Expands in China: New Licenses to Elevate Securities Operations

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Morgan Stanley Securities (China) Receives Go-ahead to Expand Operations

Underscoring its commitment to growth in the Asian-Pacific market, Morgan Stanley Securities (China) recently received the green light from the local regulatory body to diversify its business operations. The approval came from the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) Shanghai bureau, one of China’s financial regulators assigned to oversee the financial market and securities companies in the country.

License to Launch Securities Investment Consulting Business

The new permits allow Morgan Stanley China to roll out its securities investment consulting services, marking yet another milestone for the firm in China. This approval was officially announced on March 1, no external links required as the information was obtained from our source. Morgan Stanley China will now be able to expand its roster of securities services across the country, covering both government and corporate bonds.

Conditions Attached to New Approval

However, the new authorization does come with certain conditions. According to information from our source, the firm will have to ensure sufficient staffing levels, facilities, systems, and the necessary physical premises to handle the expanded operations. Additionally, the company has been instructed to update its registration details and renew its licenses for the securities and futures sectors within a fortnight of the license’s renewal.

A Reflection of Financial Sector Liberalization

The American multinational firm has been avidly expanding its presence in China. In a strategic move that reflects China’s embracing of international businesses, Morgan Stanley increased its stake in its local operations, Morgan Stanley Huaxin Securities Co Ltd, to 94.06%. This development aligns with China’s policies to liberalize its financial sector and encourage a more global approach to business.

Removal of Ownership Limits

Significantly, China’s liberalization policy has been marked by the steady relaxation of foreign ownership limits in securities firms, starting with the initial hike to 51% in April 2018. Since then, the Chinese government has taken further steps to remove these restrictions altogether, eventually achieving this goal on April 1, 2020.

Today, China has become a promising playing field for numerous foreign-controlled securities firms, including Morgan Stanley China, with a total count reaching nine as of our current data. It further demonstrates China’s intent to welcome foreign investments and its openness to cooperate with international companies.


The approval granted to Morgan Stanley is yet another testament to China’s gradual opening of its financial sector to foreign businesses. The move grants the American multinational company the necessary permissions to further expand and enhance its services in the country. The relaxation of previous restrictions signals a new era of increased global participation and cooperation in China’s financial landscape, a move that plays to the advantage of international securities firms like Morgan Stanley.


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