Mentoring South African Kids during the School Shift: Professional Counsel

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With the start of the 2024 academic year in South Africa, kids are going back to school. This period can be worrisome for some. Experts suggest that parents be proactive in enhancing the physical and emotional health of their kids during this change. The opening of schools indicates a shift for learners, who must adjust to new surroundings, teachers, and friends. In this confusion, Angela Morisse, an occupational therapist at Netcare Akeso’s Milnerton Clinic, offers crucial tips to parents to guide their kids through this phase of change.

Significance of a Seamless Change

Morisse believes that the secret to helping children adjust is the effective blending of school life into their day-to-day routines. This aspect is central to their overall health. Kids face numerous pressures and hurdles as they align to the new academic year’s rhythm. Parents’ backing during this time can contribute significantly to how kids deal with these stress factors.

Beginning Learning and Preparing for School

The web page stresses the value of initial learning experiences and their impact on a kid’s capacity to successfully alter to kindergarten and preschool. High-quality initial learning experiences can provide a reliable basis for kids’ upcoming academic accomplishments. Parents and caregivers should engage in activities that foster learning and progress from birth till the age of five. Specialists suggest that this crucial period ensures that kids are developing correctly and are equipped for school.

Backing for Success

The site also explains how to assist children in succeeding academically. It exhibits the grant aid from the First 5 Orange County Children and Families Commission for School Readiness. Such support and financing access can deliver crucial tools that kids require to flourish in their academic paths. The responsibility lies with parents, caregivers, and teachers to effectively leverage these resources to confirm every kid’s seamless back-to-school transition.


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