Medical Peptonic and Farmasiet Unite to Promote Women’s Private Health in Norway

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Peptonic Medical AB Expands Partnership with Norway’s Foremost Online Pharmacy

Peptonic Medical AB, a recognizable Swedish biomedical firm, is extending its collaboration with Farmasiet, Norway’s top online pharmacy. This extended partnership aims to introduce VagVital, a range of products, to the Norwegian market, ultimately addressing intimate healthcare problems through diagnostic measures, treatment, and prevention. The product roll-out is expected to start in the early part of 2024, with Vernivia, Peptonic’s flagship product, already available at Farmasiet. This news comes from the source of Reader Wall.

Amalgamation of Skill and Market Reach

The expansion of this lucid partnership merges Peptonic Medical’s scientific proficiency with Farmasiet’s comprehensive market reach. The primary objective is to provide top-rated intimate healthcare solutions to an ever-expanding customer base. Fanny Falkman Grinndal, the Business Manager Nordics at Peptonic, displayed positivity about the possibilities the advanced partnership brings.

Peptonic’s Focus on Intimate Care

Being a pioneer in developing medical treatments to tackle conditions like vaginal atrophy, bacterial vaginosis, and urinary tract infections, Peptonic Medical is committed to providing comprehensive intimate self-care solutions. With its main market in Sweden, Peptonic is exploring opportunities to widen its geographical reach via local distributors, and the United States is currently their largest sales market. Peptonic, based in Stockholm, also has physical footprints in New York and Caesarea, Israel. It also owns Lune Oy, a Finnish subsidiary that markets sustainable period care products under the Lunette tag.

Transparent Trade Practice

Since 2014, Peptonic’s shares have been publicly listed on the Spotlight Stock Market, symbolizing the firm’s commitment to maintaining transparency and nurturing trust among its investors. This initiative has greatly contributed to the company’s growth process over the years.


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