Malawi Chief Enforces By-Laws for Safe Motherhood, Boosts Immunisation in Mzimba District

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Safe Motherhood and Immunization Initiative Launched in Malawi

According to our source, an important initiative to promote safe motherhood has been launched in Mzimba District, Malawi. The project is spearheaded by Group Village Head Mphonga Nkhata, who emphasizes that women should deliver babies in healthcare facilities instead of at home. The project is backed by the Malawi Health Equity Network (Mhen).

Addressing the Dangers of Home Births

The Mhen-led initiative aims to educate the community about the dangers of traditional home births, which are usually conducted by traditional birth attendants. The uncontrolled environment and lack of immediate emergency care in home births increase the risk of maternal and infant mortality in case of complications during delivery. The community has responded positively to the initiative, even introducing by-laws to discourage home deliveries.

Success in Encouraging Antenatal Services and Vaccinations

In addition to warning against the risks of home births, the project also advocates for antenatal services and professional healthcare assistance during childbirth. The effort has resulted in more women seeking antenatal services and making sure their children receive vaccinations, which is an essential step against preventable childhood diseases.

Placating Opposition to Modern Healthcare Practices

Through the community-led initiative, there has been achievement in overcoming resistance from some faith leaders who opposed modern healthcare. Their opposition to antenatal services and vaccinations posed a significant hurdle in ensuring the health and survival of mothers and their babies. The initiative has been successful in changing this narrative and bringing these leaders on board.

Improving Access to Healthcare Facilities

  • The efforts of the Chikhwengwe Mother Care Group and Mhen have resulted in significant strides towards improving access to healthcare in the district.
  • One such effort is the construction of a clinic, which will bring healthcare services closer to the people and cut down on the distance and time women have to travel to access antenatal services and vaccinations.

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