Levi Wallace: From Steelers’ Corner to Charity Head and Possible Free Agent

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Levi Wallace Pivots from Football to Philanthropy

Following a fruitful season on the gridiron with the Pittsburgh Steelers, cornerback Levi Wallace has temporarily shifted his focus from the sport to his humanitarian work via The Levi Wallace Foundation. This transition comes after a high-achieving tenure during which he fulfilled a contract worth $8 million over two years. Wallace now stands at the threshold of free agency unless he manages to negotiate a contract extension within nine days after his foundation’s next scheduled event.

About The Levi Wallace Foundation

Three years ago, Wallace started The Levi Wallace Foundation, a benevolent cause shepherded by his mother. The foundation’s mission is to provide support to communities, with particular emphasis on the Tucson, Arizona region where Wallace spent his childhood years. The chief method of assistance it provides is scholarships for less privileged children, empowering them to chase their aspirations and rise from their underprivileged lifestyle. Operated out of Tucson, the foundation illuminates a ray of hope for many individuals across the community.

The ‘Golf for Good’ Charitable Event

The annual Levi Wallace Golf For Good tournament – an event scheduled to take place on March 2nd in Phoenix – currently occupies Wallace’s mind. Serving as part of the foundation’s charitable operations, this event will seize Wallace’s attention prior to his potential journey into free agency. The tournament provides a stage for Wallace to amplify his assistance for local athletes in Tucson, while simultaneously raising the profile of his hometown on the global scale.

Wallace’s Career Trajectory

On the professional front, Wallace, due to celebrate his 29th birthday in June, has an impressive career trajectory behind him, having commenced 70 out of the 82 games he has participated in over six years. He has shown himself to be a quintessential attribute for the Steelers, leading the team with six interceptions, 86 tackles, and 24 defended passes across the 31 games he appeared in. Although the Steelers may contemplate noticeably welcoming him back, Wallace remains receptive to seizing alternative avenues that may present themselves. He spoke gratefully about his tenure with the Steelers and remains hopeful of continuing his professional football career, whether within the same team or at another franchise.

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