Letshego Uganda, Turaco, and Sanlam Unite to Boost Health Insurance Access

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Letshego Uganda Collaborates with Sanlam Uganda and Turaco Insurance Brokers

Our sources have reported that Letshego Uganda, an entity under Letshego Africa Holdings Ltd, has entered into a mutual partnership with Sanlam Uganda and Turaco Insurance Brokers. This alliance is designed to deliver affordable health insurance to its customers. The announcement was declared by the cooperating parties on February 27 and is an effort to address health-related financial risks and extend financial inclusion across Africa, embracing particularly the underbanked and underserved.

Rising Accessibility to Insurance

Worryingly, only 1% of Ugandans have access to formal insurance plans, a shortfall this collaboration intends to redress by amplifying accessibility to insurance. The LetsGo Insure product, crafted for Letshego customers with loans, offers Hospital Cash and Life Cover benefits. The extent of the coverage fluctuates depending on the loan amount.

Empowering Healthier Lives

This endeavour emphasises the essentialness of low-priced healthcare access for all income brackets, aiming to shield individuals from unexpected medical outgoings and promote healthier lifestyles.

Remaining Committed to Innovation and Social Responsibility

This significant effort also serves as testament to Letshego, Turaco, and Sanlam Uganda’s commitment to innovation and social responsibility, harbouring aspirations for a more substantial impact on community wellness and socio-economic support.

  • Letshego Uganda, Sanlam Uganda, and Turaco Insurance Brokers have collaborated to provide affordable health insurance.
  • The LetsGo Insure product, tailored for Letshego customers with loans, offers Hospital Cash and Life Cover benefits.
  • The project illuminates the importance of inexpensive healthcare access for individuals of all income levels.
  • The collaboration signifies a pledge to innovation and societal responsibility, aspiring for a larger community impact.
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