Kentucky’s Liam Coen Enlists with Tampa Bay Buccaneers as Attack Planner

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Liam Coen: From University Of Kentucky To Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Our sources report that Liam Coen, formerly the offensive coordinator for the football team at the University of Kentucky (UK), is transitioning to a similar role at Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as confirmed by NFL insiders. This move is Coen’s second departure from UK, as he previously left for a stint with the Los Angeles Rams before returning to UK in 2023. This turn of events leaves UK’s head coach, Mark Stoops, facing the task of recruiting a new offensive coordinator for the fourth year running.

A Closer Look at Coen’s Time With UK

Despite an upward trend in average points per game during Coen’s time with UK, there was a marked inconsistency in the team’s performance. Their offence struggled to discover a constant rhythm, yielding a low national ranking in terms of yards per play and total offensive plays. Such unsatisfactory results contributed to significant adjustments in coaching staff, with the termination of wide receivers coach Scott Woodward and offensive line coach Zach Yenser. As head of the offensive operation, Coen was instrumental in these staffing changes, as Stoops attested.

Pending Challenges for the University of Kentucky

The void left by Coen’s exit brings the spotlight on Stoops as he is tasked with finding a new offensive coordinator capable of harnessing and sustaining the team’s offensive prowess. The responsibilities include managing athletes from the transfer portal and recruits who may be weighing the possibility of a transfer. Coen’s contractual arrangements at UK, involving a high compensation package and an exit clause, underscore UK’s readiness to make substantial financial commitments to the position.

Stoops’ Influence on Coen’s Decision

Stoop’s own near-departure move to Texas A&M in November, only to return, might have swayed Coen’s decision to part ways with UK. The quest for Coen’s replacement will be crucial, as some potential candidates may have already taken up new roles elsewhere. As Stoops manoeuvres through this unanticipated transition, the focus will be on his ability to recruit a competent successor to Coen while ensuring that the team’s offensive capabilities remain intact.

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