Judge cautions Alina Habba as Trump exits E. Jean Carroll case

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Former President Donald Trump’s Exit from Defamation Case Court

Recently, former President Donald Trump caused a stir when he abruptly left his defamation trial against writer E Jean Carroll. This occurred during the closing argument, triggering a flood of controversy. Carroll’s lawyer, Roberta Kaplan, was asking the jury to award her client at least USD 12 million in damages, arguing that Trump had damaged her reputation with public statements branding her a liar.

Unexpected Walkout from the Courtroom

Just after Kaplan began her closing argument in a New York court, Trump got up and walked out. He surveyed the room, packed with court attendees, and then left, trailed by members of the Secret Service. Judge Lewis A Kaplan took note of his departure, interrupting the proceedings to state on record that Trump had exited the courtroom.

Previous Threats of Jail Time

Trump’s unexpected walkout came soon after a confrontation between the judge and Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba. The judge threatened to imprison Habba for continuing to talk after he had commanded silence in the court, setting the stage for Trump’s dramatic departure.

Trump Leaves Following Concluding Statements

Trump, who was not required to attend the civil lawsuit proceedings, appeared disturbed during Kaplan’s concluding arguments, shaking his head vigorously at points. His early departure happened after Kaplan commented about Trump trying to normalize abnormal behavior.

The Defamation Case History

The suit’s closing arguments came after several days of trial. Carroll, a longstanding advice columnist, was previously awarded USD 5 million. The lawsuit’s final day began with heated exchanges between Trump and the judge over the limitations imposed on his witness stand testimony duration.

Ruling from the Former Case

Last May, a jury found that Trump sexually abused Carroll in 1996 in a luxury department store changing room in Manhattan. They also believed he defamed her in a 2022 claim, suggesting she fabricated the allegations to gain book sales for her memoir.

Carroll’s Expected Compensation

Carroll’s legal team is seeking over USD 10 million in damages. However, Habba has argued against this, claim that Carroll’s association with Trump brought her the recognition she sought and that the death threats she received were not due to Trump’s comments.

The Impact on Carroll’s Life

Carroll testified last year that her career suffered greatly due to Trump’s remarks, stating that she bought bullets for self-defense and installing an electronic fence around her home. These steps were taken following defamatory comments from the former president.

Trump’s Firm Stance on his Defense

Trump maintained his steadfastness in his defense, testifying in court that he stood “100 per cent” behind his comments made in an October 2002 deposition. In this deposition, he denied Carroll’s accusations, referring to her as “sick” and a “whack job.”

What the Jury will Determine

The jury in this case will solely determine whether or not additional damages should be awarded for statements made by Trump in 2019, during his presidential term. This lawsuit had been delayed for years through court appeals.

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