Joseph Tawadros Brings Oud Virtuosity to Monash University’s Sound Gallery

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Monash University Performing Arts Centres to Host Joseph Tawadros Recital

Joseph Tawadros, a major music sensation and astounding talent in the field of performance art, is expected to grace the stage in the first recital of the 2024 Sundays in the Sound Gallery series at the Monash University Performing Arts Centres, as per reports from our own sources.

Profile of the Musical Genius

Joseph Tawadros, a seven-time ARIA award winner, renowned composer, and master Oud performer, originally hails from Cairo. The musician is chiefly known for his unparalleled proficiency in playing the Oud, an ancient Arabic lute, that shares ancestral links with the contemporary lute and guitar. Tawadros’s matchless oil painting on the broad canvas of music, combined with his unique and vivacious storytelling method, have won him an international fan base.

Professional Achievement, Collaboration, and Prestige

Joseph’s career is speckled with a myriad of significant accomplishments. He has successfully delivered compelling solo performances, alluring duets with his brother, James Tawadros, and played an instrumental role in his jazz quartet. His international performances have also included remarkable appearances with various chamber and symphony orchestras. Furthermore, Tawadros has pioneered inventive compositions that have led him to work with respected ensemble groups including, but not limited to, the Australian Chamber Orchestra, BBC Symphony, and Sydney Symphony.

The musician also boasts the prestigious honour of being the first Australian composer to be featured by the Academy of Ancient Music in the United Kingdom, marking a significant milestone in his career.

An Intimate Music Experience

The eagerly-awaited recital in the David Li Sound Gallery will open up a unique opportunity for attendees to experience an up-close and personal musical performance. For those who truly appreciate music, the intimate setting offers an unprecedented chance to witness Tawadros’s electric performance style and musical brilliance first hand.

  • ARIA awarded: This groundbreaking artist is a seven-time ARIA award winner.
  • Variety of performances: Tawadros’s incredibly diverse portfolio includes solo recitals, duets, collaborations with his jazz quartet, and performances with chamber and symphony orchestras on a global scale.
  • Multi-faceted talent: The artist stands tall not just for his instrumental skills, but also for his gripping storytelling through music.
  • Milestone achievement: Tawadros holds the esteemed title of being the first Australian composer featured by the UK’s Academy of Ancient Music.
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