Johnson & Starr Expands Credit Facility, Boosting Support for Texas Homeowners

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Johnson & Starr Boosts Credit Facility Around Property Tax Loans

Our sources revealed that Johnson & Starr, a renowned property tax lender based in Austin, is making notable strides in its expansion efforts. As of March 5, 2024, the firm unveiled an important development within its Credit Facility, which includes the onboarding of a new syndicated bank.

Enhanced Credit Services Support Growth

CEO Nikolaos Stavros displayed his optimism about this augmented credit provision. The move is intended to fuel the company’s growth strategy as well as its aspiration to be a lifeline for Texas homeowners facing the risk of foreclosure. Johnson & Starr’s main aim is to offer flexible property tax solutions that will aid in countering the exorbitant property taxes in Texas. These can rise dramatically due to late fees and penalties—at almost 50% during the initial year of delinquency.

Johnson & Starr’s Expansion Schemes

The firm’s comprehensive plans for expansion incorporate direct lending, purchasing existing lenders, and acquiring loan portfolios. A customer-centric creed is at the core of Johnson & Starr’s ethos. The company focuses on furnishing fair and comprehensible loans, significantly reducing homeowners’ stress tied to overdue property tax bills. This consideration is extended to both residential and commercial property owners within Texas.

Dedicated to Preserving Homeownership

Established by industry experts in property tax, Johnson & Starr is steadfast in its dedication to retain the American dream of homeownership. The company operates under the strict regulations enacted by the state of Texas. This strategic enhancement of its Credit Facility is viewed as a significant move forward in providing tangible benefits to the embattled homeowners amidst a challenging environment of high property taxes.

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