Isle of Man Patient Transfer Office Relocates for Enhanced Operations

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Great Leap Forward: Isle of Man Patient Transfer Team

The Isle of Man Patient Transfer team, a key healthcare unit, is set to move to a new address. As our source reports, they are transitioning out of the confines of Crookall House and relocating to Garaghyn Glass, located on the Noble’s Hospital site in Braddan. This significant step is anticipated to bring about substantial improvements in their operations.

Reasons for the Relocation

The transition, which begins on 1st March, aims to introduce a variety of benefits for patients and healthcare providers alike. The decision to shift premises was taken after evaluating several operational issues within the existing location in Douglas. The building was found to be ‘no longer suitable’ for the needs of the Patient Transfer team and is currently undergoing a refurbishment.

Anticipated Benefits

  • Being in closer proximity to clinicians
  • Offering increased direct access for patients attending the hospital
  • The team believes that the relocation will effectively enhance the patient transfer process given these significant benefits.

    Transition Period

    While the physical move primarily impacts those who visit in person, it’s worth noting that the existing office will continue to handle urgent inquiries. This arrangement will remain until the team is fully operational in its new location, which is expected by 4th March.

    Continuity of Operations

    Importantly, while this move represents a significant step forward for the team, the operations are designed to continue as smoothly as possible. Patient Transfer team’s office operating hours will remain the same, ensuring that the relocation does not disrupt schedules or negatively impact the patients in any way/s.

    In Conclusion

    This move by the Isle of Man Patient Transfer team reflects their commitment to better serve both patients and the hospital. It signifies an attempt to optimize operations and work more efficiently, and the effects will be visible from March onwards. It is a crucial development that underlines their striving towards enhancing healthcare delivery.


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