Highlands Yoga Teacher Christie Wood Champions Accessibility as Scotland’s British Wheel of Yoga Officer

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Christie Wood: Harnessing Yoga’s True Essence for Inclusion and Diversity

In conjunction with International Woman’s Day on March 8, we are sharing the engaging and inspirational narrative of Christie Wood, an accomplished businesswoman and renowned yoga instructor, who is keen on advancing the accessibility and inclusivity of yoga beyond conventional boundaries. Raised in a family deep-rooted in yoga and wholesome living, Christie has always assimilated yoga as an integral part of her life.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Having spent the formative years of her life in Edinburgh’s bustling environment, Christie devoted her early career to youth work. However, she eventually set her sights on a career path that resonated more deeply with her – becoming a qualified yoga instructor. Christie’s relentless determination saw her successfully complete her training, even during her pregnancy.

A Visionary with a Mission

Christie’s vision is to dismantle the various stereotypes that associate yoga solely with physical agility or strength. In her role as Scotland’s regional officer for the British Wheel of Yoga, Christie utilizes her position to cultivate a thriving community anchored on the principles of peace, love, and well-being, which go beyond the constraints of physical and economic obstacles.

Breaking Barriers through Yoga

Christie’s primary focus is to diverge from the belief that yoga is exclusively for a certain socioeconomic demographic. Her efforts are centered towards making yoga lessons available to a wide-ranging set of communities, which includes school settings and Women’s Aid.

Addressing Cultural Appropriation

As a yoga teacher, Christie also helps raise awareness about the issue of cultural appropriation within yoga. She encourages and promotes an approach that is respectful in its teaching and understanding of the practice. This includes honouring the cultural origins of yoga and engaging in a transparent dialogue about its source culture.

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