Hideaway’s Rodeo Drive Launches Hernando’s To Go: Bento-Style Mexican Delights Now Deliverable

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Renowned Beverly Hills Steakhouse Launches Delivery Service

Our sources revealed that ‘The Hideaway’, a well-loved Mexican steakhouse nestled on the illustrious Rodeo Drive, has embarked on an exciting new venture. Recognizing the current need for comfortable at-home dining, the eatery has initiated a pickup and delivery service. The service, christened as ‘Hernando’s To Go’, is molded as a sister concept to the restaurant and promises a blend of convenience and uncompromised quality.

Hernando’s To Go: Gourmet Food at your Doorstep

The new service from The Hideaway seeks to bring the unmatched Mexican flavor palette of its pioneering restaurant to the tables of its customers, no matter where they are. The exclusive menu has been thoughtfully curated for this purpose, presenting food enthusiasts with an array of bento-style taco boxes, scrumptious bowls, and hearty burritos.

Special mention must be made to Hernando’s earnest efforts in catering to varied dietary needs. From the pickiest of carnivores, discerning pescatarians, to strict vegetarians, the menu ensures an exquisite option for everyone.

Patrons can avail the service through major delivery platforms, providing the comfort of multiple choices. Alternatively, they can also place their orders directly through the service’s official website, for those who prefer a more personalized touch.

Menu Highlights: A Sneak Peek into the Culinary Delight

The Hernando’s To-Go menu extends a gastronomic delight with an emphasis on authentic Mexican flavors. The plethora of delicious treats includes ‘Taquitos de Pollo’, a tantalizing mix of chicken and spice, wrapped in a crispy tortilla. The ‘Aguacate Frito’ affords a unique twist to the humble avocado, frying it to a delectable crisp.

For those with a special fondness for classic steaks, ‘Grilled New York Steak Tacos’, brings the unfathomable richness of New York Steak enclosed in a soft, fluffy taco. The ‘Roasted Mushroom Bowl’ extends a healthier but equally delightful vegetarian option. And for lovers of the revered pork, a classic ‘Carnitas Burrito’ has been lovingly crafted.

This initiative by The Hideaway is a testament to its commitment to ensuring a delightful dining experience, whether at the luxury of its restaurant or the comfort of a park, beach, or home. Enjoy the richness of quality Mexican cuisine anywhere, thanks to Hernando’s To Go.


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