Hamilton Health Sciences Contracts American Firms for Perfusionists Amid Financial Strain

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HHS Signs Costly Contracts with American Suppliers for Medical Staffing

According to our sources, Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS), the biggest hospital system in Hamilton, signed two contract agreements with American firms to provide essential medical staff. These contracts, lasting six months each, focus on supplying perfusionists—medical experts who run heart-lung machines. However, the financial terms reportedly run into several tens of thousands of dollars weekly, sparking concerns over the opaqueness of the operation.

Details of the Deals Remain Unclear

HHS has left many aspect details undisclosed about the agreements with the American companies, such as the precise financial terms and whether additional expenses such as accommodation and travel are part of the deal. Furthermore, the identities of the companies involved have been kept under wraps. This lack of transparency has raised several eyebrows in the sector.

OPSEU Expressed Criticism Over High Costs

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU), has criticized the high costs related to the agreements. As per their information, agency workers procured through these contracts earn significantly more than their staff counterparts. The contracted perfusionists reportedly earn around $200 USD per hour, a stark contrast to the $48-$58 CAD hourly wage for staff.

The Current Financial Crisis of HHS

Despite the massive public funding of $1.6 billion, HHS is currently under a financial deficit. The signing of such pricey contracts, despite the crisis, appears to be the result of a severe shortage of perfusionists. These medical professionals are indispensable for cardiac surgery and ECMO treatments.

Issues Persist Despite Costly Measures

Regrettably, these costly efforts seem inefficient as the hospital network continues to struggle to meet the requirement for cardiac surgeries and ECMO treatments. Critics have accused the network of failing to address the root causes for such staff shortages, with wage disparities being a significant factor.

Concerns About Using Private Staffing Agencies

  • The use of private staffing agencies raises additional questions about accountability and transparency in the sector.
  • There’s a growing concern that it could further aggravate the already existing staff shortages by creating an unsustainable staffing model.

In summary, while attempts to solve the critical shortage of perfusionists may seem necessary, the methods in which they are pursued and their possible implications beg for deeper consideration and discretion.

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