Global CEOs’ Pessimism Hits Record High Amid Trade Conflicts, Uncertainty

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Bob Moritz Speaks: Global CEO Pessimism Hits a High, according to Pwc’s Survey

Bob Moritz, the Global Chairman of PwC, in an exclusive broadcast on The Reader Wall, divulged the results of a recent survey. The survey significantly reveals an escalation of pessimism among world’s CEOs due to multiple uncertainties like international economic growth, global trade disputes, the issue of Brexit, and the revolutionary disruptions in technology.

Opportunities Amidst Challenges

Moritz underlined that regardless of the prevailing pessimism, a plethora of chances exist for business establishments with solid financial statements, strong leadership, and effective decision making capabilities.

Impact of US Government Shutdown on GDP

The talk also touched on the repercussions of the US government shutdown on its GDP. The discourse led to an insight on how such internal administrative events can affect the economic scenario of a country.

The US-China Trade Negotiations – Possible Outcomes

The potential outcomes of ongoing negotiations between two global economic giants, the United States and China, were pointed as they heavily impact the current global trade scenario. Being engaged in trade discussions, their outcomes could significantly affect the world economy, according to Moritz.

The Brexit Impact on Europe

The adversity and possibilitie in Europe, specifically regarding Brexit, were also prominent topics touched upon during the discussion. The unpredictable aftermath of this event deeply influences the countries across the globe as Europe stands as a robust economic hub.

Emerging Investment Destination: India amidst Global Trade Tensions

Throwing light on other significant issues, Moritz called attention to the need for the auditing profession to adapt to the ever-changing expectations. In addition to this, he also mentioned India as an emerging and attractive destination for investments amidst these significant global trade tensions.


Although the shroud of pessimism has covered the globe, according to PwC’s survey, one must not overlook the potential opportunities that might surface amidst these challenges. Businesses with solid financial fundamentals, astute leadership, and smart decision-making stand a good chance of exploiting these opportunities.

  • Increased Pessimism among World CEOs, as per PwC’s survey
  • Opportunities exist for firms with strong balances sheets, leadership abilities, and decision-making capabilities
  • US Government shutdown’s Impact on GDP
  • Potential outcomes of the US-China trade negotiations
  • Challenges and opportunities in Europe concerning Brexit
  • India highlighted as a promising investment spot amidst international trade tensions
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