From Humble Beginnings to Award-Winning Luxury: 27 Two 6 Salon’s Triumph in Bexley

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Young Entrepreneur’s Determination Births Award-Winning Luxury Salon

At just 21, Kristina Shepherd decided to spread her entrepreneurial wings, laying the groundwork for what would eventually become 27 Two 6, an award-winning luxury salon and aesthetic clinic. Her journey, beginning 17 years ago, is a testament to her sheer dedication and unwavering spirit. Starting with no client base or prior business know-how, she began her endeavor in a modest room above an existing hair salon.

The Growth and Breakthrough of 27 Two 6

Through determination and perseverance, Kristina was able to steadily cultivate her business. Over time, the array of services offered by her venture expanded to include waxing, tinting, facials, microblading, chemical peels, and skin booster treatments. The business’s growth necessitated a relocation to a more strategically chosen locale in the vicinity of her initial location. Currently, 27 Two 6 is more than just a salon housing a team of professional aestheticians; it’s a monument to Kristina’s entrepreneurial spirit and tireless hard work.

Accomplishments and Accolades

Over the years, Kristina’s business has garnered no less than 14 awards, crowning its successes with recognitions such as Salon of the Year and receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award. 27 Two 6’s accomplishments showcase not just the exceptional services it provides, but also stands testament to the resilience and determination of a young entrepreneur.

Adjusting to the Paradigm Shift during the Pandemic

Adapting to the changing business landscape amidst the COVID-19 crisis, Kristina’s business was able to swiftly pivot. Various membership plans focusing on highly specialized treatments were introduced to loyal clients. The memberships provided were crafted to ensure services that required high levels of proficiency were accessible, even amidst the pandemic.

Key Factors for Sustained Growth

Kristina asserted the significance of valuing clients and continually training the team for maintaining steady growth. The consumer-centric approach, constantly updating industry skills, and underscoring the importance of customer satisfaction have ensured the ongoing success and upward trajectory of her business.

In conclusion, Kristina Shepherd’s 17-year journey from starting her business in a small room to owning an award-winning salon is a testament to hard work, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit. Her story serves as an inspiration for young entrepreneurs across the globe.