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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on The Indian Job Market

As we head towards the interim budget on Thursday, The Reader Wall’s internal source within India’s finance ministry reveals a new economic review. This document not only presents the accomplishments of recent government policies but also sheds light on our future growth prospects. The review also highlights the potential risk posed by artificial intelligence (AI) to job opportunities, particularly in the services sector, and the accompanying challenge of maintaining a skilled workforce.

AI and Education

Artificial intelligence is a hot-button issue. While AI has the potential to revolutionize education by developing novel strategies to bridge our concerning learning deficits, its impact on India’s employment landscape remains uncertain. The looming possibility of AI machinery replacing human jobs exists. It is noteworthy that the technological revolution in the West is driven by a scarcity of labour and anxieties around immigration. In contrast, India’s commercial advantage has traditionally been attributed to its low-cost labour force in an environment abundant with workers.

India’s Position in the Global AI Job Market

India’s abundance of workers, when juxtaposed with the West’s labour scarcity, appears to be a disadvantage. While it is true that AI will lead to the creation of new job opportunities worldwide, it’s unclear whether India will benefit from this labour market shift. The global competitive advantage in AI technology is an integral part of geopolitical rivalry, with China determined to compete with the US. Meanwhile, India’s entrance into this rapidly developing field is in its initial phase. It’s imperative that we stride forward hastily to minimise the gap.

The Task Ahead

  • India must focus on preparing its workforce to take advantage of the new jobs created by AI.
  • The country should invest in research and development to catch up with global leaders in AI.
  • Creating policies that promote AI while protecting our workforce from displacement is crucial.
  • A focus on education that prepares students for a future with AI is necessary.

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