Family Feud Escalates into Violent Clash in Lushnje: Brothers Hospitalized

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Brothers Hospitalized in Serious Altercation in Lushnje

The Incident

In a shocking event that unfolded in the city of Lushnje, two brothers have been hospitalized following a severe altercation. The brothers, whose names are withheld for privacy reasons, were said to have attacked each other using an axe and a firearm respectively.

Cause of the Dispute

According to our sources, the cause of the conflict appears to have stemmed from a dispute over property ownership. The specifics of the dispute are yet unclear, and further details are expected to emerge in the course of the ongoing investigation.

Police Intervention and Investigation

The local police responded to the turbulent situation in a timely fashion, managing to prevent further harm. The used weapons, including the axe and the firearm, were confiscated at the site of the incident.

The authorities have launched an in-depth investigation into the matter. An investigative team from the local police department is diligently gathering legal evidence to develop a comprehensive understanding of the case. This procedure, the police say, is to ensure that they have all the necessary details to initiate legal proceedings as required.

Hospitalization and Current Health Statuses

The brothers involved in the altercation have been admitted to the local hospital for immediate medical attention. The exact condition of the victims is yet to be disclosed by medical professionals, however, our sources report that both individuals are in serious condition following the incident.


This unfortunate event underscores the importance of resolving disputes peacefully and demonstrates the potential consequences of allowing familial conflicts to escalate. Further updates on the victims’ health statuses and the progress of the police investigation will be provided as they come from our trusted sources.


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