Exclusive Dining Experience Unveiled: Marc179 and Chef’s Counter at Greywind Open Just 3 Days Monthly

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Introducing Unique Dining Experiences in New York: Marc179 and Chef’s Counter at Greywind

Marc179: A Culinary Adventure Three Days a Month

For food enthusiasts seeking a different and personalized dining experience, our source has some exciting news. Marc Murphy, one of the city’s reputed chefs, has launched his exclusive restaurant, Marc179, in the fashionable district of TriBeCa. The restaurant differentiates itself by operating only three days a month, with a four-course menu priced at $75 per head.

The menu innovatively alters every month to create an intimate atmosphere due to limited seating. This concept ensures each visitor gets an engagement opportunity with the chef, making the dining experience unique and absolutely personal.

Chef’s Counter at Greywind: A Blend of Gourmet and Unity

On the other hand, the Chef’s Counter at Greywind, masterminded by Dan Kluger and tucked near Hudson Yards, also operates on a similar three days a month model. The specialty of this place revolves around its six-course themed menu, priced at $185 per person. This menu uniquely highlights an imaginative fusion of vegetables and proteins.

The idea allows the chef to interact closely with the guests, assuring a highly personalized experience and fulfilling the purpose of establishing a bond between the chef and the diners.

New York Welcomes Nana’s Green Tea and other new additions

There’s more good news for food adventurists in New York. The city sees the entry of its first outlet of Nana’s Green Tea, a renowned matcha cafe. This cafe offers foodies an array of matcha-based beverages and dishes to explore.

Among the other new additions to NY’s culinary landscape, the Chelsea Market unveiled Maki a Mano. This sushi bar specializes in hand rolls, providing a fresh change to sushi fanatics. A familiar face, Bayon, also reopens its doors, but with an expanded Cambodian menu – a delight for those missing authentic Cambodian cuisine.

Kawachiya Room by Kawabun NYC: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Capping off the introduction of these culinary delights is the Kawachiya Room by Kawabun NYC. This secluded spot provides a tasting menu that incorporates the traditions of kaiseki and omakase. The eight-course meal available for both lunch and dinner showcases the marvelous confluence of preserved culinary customs and creative fusion.

The entry of these establishments marks a new era for the NY culinary scene, where the exclusivity of dining experiences fuels experimentation and personalization.

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