Eight Dogs Win Mississippi Lottery’s 2024 Fortunate Hound Event

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Dog Lovers Celebrate as Pets Win Mississippi Lottery’s 2024 Lucky Dog Promotion

A notable win has gone to the dogs – specifically eight delightful canines that have taken home the top honors in the Mississippi Lottery’s 2024 Lucky Dog Promotion. These furry victors have beaten out over 3,300 other contestants. Not only will they enjoy the distinction of appearing on the Summer 2024 scratch-off tickets, but their lucky owners also each received a cool $1,000 cash prize.

The Road to Victory

Begun on January 2 and winding up on January 14, the promotion enticed dog owners to share pictures of their delightful dogs through a private link given to Insiders. The dedicated team at the Mississippi Lottery then had the enviable task of perusing these submissions, eventually whittling down to 25 excellent finalists.

A Popular Affair

From January 22 to January 28, the public was granted the opportunity to vote for their preferred dogs out of the top 25. This part of the event was a hit, drawing almost 6,500 votes. Now, the eight dogs who have stolen the majority of votes are the honored titleholders of the Lucky Dog winning status.

Celebrating the Pooch Champions

The winners, a diverse lineup of adorable canines, along with their ecstatic owners, were officially informed via certified letters dispatched on January 30. They’re now enthusiastically awaiting the Summer 2024 scratch-off tickets where their winning dogs will be prominently displayed. This exceptional promotion has not only stirred enthusiasm amongst pet proprietors and lottery aficionados, but it has also provided a pleasant divergence from traditional lottery promotions.

  • Scratch-off tickets with featured dog faces to be released Summer 2024
  • Owners of winning dogs received a cash prize of $1,000 each
  • Voting process attracted nearly 6,500 votes
  • Winners were selected from more than 3,300 entries
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