Eastern Yorkshire Agriculturist Penalised £28,000 for Poultry Flu Violations and Unauthorized Abattoir

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Daniel Mathison Fined for Violations Linked to Avian Influenza Outbreak

In a recent development in East Yorkshire, farmer Daniel Mathison was penalized with a hefty £28,000 fine. He openly admitted to numerous offenses related to an Avian Influenza outbreak and the operation of a non-sanctioned slaughterhouse. Mathison, who operates Mathison (Farmers) Leven based in Southfield Farm, abided to four-charge punishment where each carried a £4,000 fine. In addition to this, charges of £6,000 for expenses and a £2,000 victims’ surcharge were also levied on him.

Offenses Pertaining to Avian Influenza Outbreak

Back in April, members from the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) came across an unattended duck-rearing shed during their routine visit to Southfield Farm. Strikingly, the farm’s records showed no signs of mortality among the birds. Within the next 24 hours, an outbreak of bird flu was confirmed at the farm, potentially preventable had the farm adhered to required housing measures to prevent contact with wild birds and stuck to the disease control restrictions.

Illegal Slaughterhouse Operations

A thorough exploration by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council uncovered that the slaughtering activities at Mathison’s farm crossed the threshold that necessitates approval by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). In spite of clear nationwide preventive measures, Mathison’s farm was found guilty of violating disease control regulations.

Consequences of the Offenses

The court deemed Mathison’s deeds as high culpability, owing to the potential severe repercussions of his negligence on fellow farmers, public health, and local communities. Due to an outbreak of Avian Influenza at Mathison’s farm, DEFRA, APHA, and the council, along with other partner agencies, had to bear considerable financial and resource expenditures. To avoid disastrous effects on livestock, public health, and the economy, Angela Dearing of the East Riding Council emphasized the need for strict compliance with animal disease control regulations.


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