East Boston Neighborhood Health Center Rebrands to NeighborHealth, Expanding Reach in Suffolk County

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East Boston Neighborhood Health Center Rebrands and Expands Operations

Greg Wilmot, CEO of what was formerly known as the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center, recently sat down for a conversation with The Reader Wall to discuss the organization’s sweeping changes. The intent of these changes is to enhance healthcare inclusivity and accessibility, and increase their presence as a dependable community partner within Massachusetts.

Rebranding to ‘NeighborHealth’

With an expansion beyond East Boston to serve more patients across Suffolk County, including new locations in Chelsea, Roxbury, Revere, South End and a future site in Everett, the organization felt a change of name was necessary. Henceforth, it will be known as ‘NeighborHealth’. According to Wilmot, this change is significant as it is more indicative of their commitment to offer healthcare solutions that are inclusive and reach out beyond their original location in East Boston.

Community Consultation Key to Name Change

Wilmot stressed that the decision to rebrand was not taken lightly. Extensive consultations were held with the communities they serve, and also in dialogue with their stakeholders. To ensure the rebranding mirrored the community’s voice, a patient-led board of directors was instrumental in the final decision.

Coping with COVID-19 Challenges

During the conversation, Wilmot also outlined the arduous journey the healthcare center has had to navigate amid the coronavirus pandemic. Their focus tightened on ensuring continued access to care, and crucially, providing vaccines, particularly within Black and brown communities. These are demographics that have historically faced a slew of challenges in accessing healthcare.

Underscoring Commitment Through Expansion

The expansion of services and the name change to ‘NeighborHealth’ is designed to emphasize the center’s dedication to serving as an all-encompassing healthcare resource for residents of Massachusetts. ‘NeighborHealth’ is more than just a name; it is a statement of intent that underscores the importance of healthcare accessibility and inclusivity in a growing community.


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