Dune: Awakening Drops Sandwalking for Gameplay Fluidity, Focuses on Survival Elements

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Key Element from Dune Lore Omitted in Upcoming Game, Dune: Awakening

The Absence of Sandwalking

Game enthusiasts are in anticipation of the upcoming release, Dune: Awakening. However, in a recent revelation from our trusted sources, it seems an integral element from the lore, Sandwalking, will be noticeably absent from the game. Sandwalking, for the uninitiated, is an evasion technique to avoid the ravenous Shai-Hulud, the iconic giant sandworms from the original Dune.

Given the slow and seemingly absurd nature of Sandwalking, it has been deemed inappropriate for the gameplay of Dune: Awakening. This adjustment is aimed at providing players with a more dynamic and exhilarating game experience.

Dune: Awakening Direct- An Eye-Opener

The surprising news about the omission of Sandwalking found its way to the fans during the Dune: Awakening Direct held last March 4. Fans were provided with sneak peeks of the MMO’s desert gameplay, and the absence of Sandwalking was a noticeable deviation from traditional Dune gameplay mechanics.

Desert Dangers: More than Just Sandwalking

Although Sandwalking will no longer be part of the game, players will still have their share of desert-related perils. Among these dangers, the gigantic sandworms, Shai-Hulud, are still at large and could appear anywhere in the desert.

Players will have various tools at their disposal like thumpers to aid them in navigating these dangers. These tools will replace Sandwalking and will maintain the survival theme of the game by allowing players to adapt to environmental changes and manage critical resources like water.

A Renewed Focus on Dynamic Gameplay

In Dune: Awakening, the game developers have elected to shift their focus towards fostering a more engaging and dynamic player experience. They aim to do so by veering away from the slower, more laborious aspects of desert traversal as portrayed in the books and feature films.

The goal is to combine authentic elements from the Dune universe with innovative gameplay to provide players with a more immersive and exciting play experience. This new direction marks an exciting and defining moment for Dune fans and gaming enthusiasts all over the world.