Dr. Nusaibah’s Inventive Injury Bandage: A Mix of Knowledge and Muslim Doctrine

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Discovering the Medicinal Wonders of Habbatus Sauda: An Innovation in Wound Care

Our source unveils that Dr. Nusaibah, recognized expert from the Centre for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (CTERM) at Hospital UKM, has been meticulously examining the medical potentials of the habbatus sauda plant. This plant stands out due to its high concentration of thymoquinone, a chemical known for its superior antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Such properties make it a potent agent against bacteria and a significant defensive line against infections, as thymoquinone counteracts oxidative stress. Furthermore, it accelerates wound healing by reducing pain, curbing inflammation, and stimulating blood vessel growth.

Science and Faith Converging

Dr. Nusaibah’s interest in the habbatus sauda has roots in both science and faith. Referenced in Islamic teachings as a universal remedy, the plant continues to spark curiosity and exploration. This led to the development of an innovative wound dressing product that combines habbatus sauda, elastin, collagen derived from animals, and gelatine. The product encourages skin recovery by enhancing elasticity, reducing inflammation, and promoting cell renewal whilst ensuring no toxic side effects.

Revamping Wound Care Treatment

The ingenious product was designed to rapidly treat full-thickness wounds, offering an upgrade from “MyDerm”, the collagen-based skin substitute initially developed by CTERM in 2013. The bandage showcases features such as resistance to heat, pressure resilience, biodegradability, and avoids the use of synthetic materials that could be difficult to remove during treatment. The research is currently undergoing in-vivo testing – a successful outcome could escalate this to clinical testing, and eventually, open it to the commercial market.

Global Honor for Exceptional Research

The groundbreaking efforts of Dr. Nusaibah have resonated internationally. Her remarkable contribution earned her the esteemed Masters Gold Award (Science, Technology & Health) UKM. But beyond the recognition and awards, she envisions a transformation in wound care management through a solution that marries advanced science with natural ingredients, hinged on ancestral wisdom.


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