Dorset Fire Service Urges Businesses: Ensure Accessibility for Wheelchair Users on International Wheelchair Day

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Importance of Wheelchair Accessibility in Business Premises: Insights by Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service

The Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue service has underscored the criticality of ensuring wheelchair accessibility in commercial spaces. This information was stressed upon via a report shared on their social media platform during International Wheelchair Day.

Integrating Fire-Safety Measures for Wheelchair Users

The rescue team pointed out the significant necessity of a broad Fire Risk Assessment that offers practical escape mechanisms for wheelchair users during a fire incident. The focus was to provoke commercial establishments to take the evacuation requirements of wheelchair users seriously.

Solutions for Safe Evacuation

The report proposed various alternatives suited for the safe evacuation of individuals on wheelchairs. Evacuation paths could consist of specific evacuation passages or fire-fighting elevators capable of accommodating wheelchairs. Another strategy could involve horizontal movement towards a separate fire compartment.

Additionally, the use of evacuation chairs was also endorsed. These devices have been specially designed to facilitate easy navigation down the stairs. Alternatively, ‘carry-down’ procedures were also suggested as an effective evacuation method for cases that demand it.

Further Guidance

The comprehensive report is designed to be a reminder for businesses to not trivialize the evacuation needs of people using wheelchairs. The Dorset and Wiltshire fire and rescue service encouraged organisations to consult the government’s dedicated resource for a more profound understanding.

The Bottom Line

This initiative by the Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue service is an important message about inclusivity and safety in the workplace. Moreover, it sheds light on how businesses can make their premises safer and more accessible, especially for those using wheelchairs. This report is not just a call to action, but a necessity in today’s world that requires inclusive planning and execution.


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