Denver City Council Delays Decision on Cold Weather Campsite Cleanups Amid Demonstrations

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Postponed Vote on Denver Encampment Sweeps Sparks Protest

The Denver City Council’s decision to delay a vote relating to cold weather encampment sweeps has caused public outcry. Protests have arisen, driven by the advocacy group Housekeys Action Network Denver, in response to this postponement which was necessitated due to the absence of supportive council members.

Health Concerns of Cold Weather Sweeps

A primary concern of these protesters is the extreme health risks of executing sweeps during freezing temperatures. Community advocate, Ana Gloom, highlighted the dangerous nature of these operations, recounting instances where friends fell victim to the freezing weather conditions.

The Reason Behind the Vote Postponement

The bill’s proponent, Council Member Sarah Parady, justified the delayed vote, explaining that waiting ensures the involvement of all supportive members and allows time for additional discussions. This decision, however, is prompting unease among advocates due to the potential for additional sweeps occurring amidst the postponement.

Potential Mayoral Interjection

A further complication arises in the form of Denver’s Mayor, Michael Hancock. Opposed to the bill, Hancock possesses the authority to veto it, should it fail to garner a strong enough majority. The rescheduled vote is planned for January 29, with advocacy group members dedicated to securing the initial nine votes required to avoid a mayoral veto.


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