Decades-Old Crime Solved: Man Arrested for 2005 Rape, Claims Love and Poverty Drove Him

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A Historical Rape Case Solved After Two Long Decades

Arrest of 52-year-old Suspect Gives Closure to a 19-Year-Old Rape Case in Roi Et Province, Thailand

According to our trusted sources, a man named Got, 52, previously a fugitive for about 20 years, has finally been apprehended in a haunting rape accusation dated way back in 2005. This breakthrough arrest serves as a stark reminder that justice may be delayed, but not denied.

The Incident

The event can be traced back to February 2005, in Suwannaphum district, Roi Et province. Got, a travelling picture frame merchant, developed an unsolicited relationship with a nurse’s aide, only known as A. Using deceptive methods and false pretenses, Got manipulated and sexually assaulted A three separate times in his home.

A managed to escape the violator’s clutches and bravely reported the incident, triggering a manhunt that would span almost two full decades. Unfortunately, Got fled before he could be apprehended, hiding his whereabouts and keeping a low profile.

Suspect’s Arrest & Confession

Fast forward to the present times, Got was eventually captured near Mittraphap Road in the province of Udon Thani. The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB), spearheaded by Police Lieutenant General Sararut Saengsophak, was responsible for this long-overdue capture.

Got’s confession backed his criminal actions, and somewhat shockingly, claimed that the rapes were an act of love for A. He stated that his intention was to marry A but was deterred by his lack of financial stability. This unnervingly misguided logic further expounds on the implications of his heinous acts.

The Affect on CIB and Legal Proceedings

Notably, this arrest has greatly influenced law enforcement bodies’ morale, especially CIB. It shone a spotlight on their unwavering commitment to delivering justice, no matter how long it takes to crack a case.

With the suspected offender apprehended, the case has now been transferred to Suwannaphum Police Station for further legal proceedings. This arrest brings much-needed closure to A and terminates a case that has been active for far too many years.

In conclusion, while justice in this case took quite some time to be served, it nonetheless demonstrates the resolve of our law enforcement and conveys a powerful message of hope for victims who have been awaiting their attackers’ capture.


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