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Discover the Sweet Joy of Homemade Tanghulu

Tanghulu, a favorite street snack originating from China, has won hearts worldwide via social media. This hard sugar-coated fruit candy is both sweet and fruity, a perfect treat for sweet-toothed individuals and fruit-lovers alike. Though a common sight in Chinese streets, Tanghulu can also be conveniently prepared at home.

The captivating sight of bright, refreshingly colored fruits on skewers, covered in a shiny, transparent, hard sugar shell, will catch anyone’s attention. But be aware, this indulgent sweet may not be favorable for diet-conscious individuals due to its high sugar content.

A First Bite Into Tanghulu

What does Tanghulu taste like? Savor the hard outer shell’s overwhelming sweetness followed by the soft juicy burst of the fruit within. The fruit used can significantly affect the overall taste – tangy fruits balance the sweetness while sweet fruits lend a full-blown sweet flavor. The contrasting textures of the crackling shell and the soft fruit inside further enhance the Tanghulu experience.

Pick Your Fruits for Tanghulu

While the traditional Tanghulu recipe uses hawthorn berries, known for their sourness, modern adaptations are more flexible. In the absence of hawthorn berries, strawberries become the popular choice for many. Other than strawberries and hawthorn berries, kiwi, grapes, blueberries, and oranges are other loved fruit options. Be sure, though, that the fruit’s surface is free from moisture to allow the sugar to adhere well.

DIY Tanghulu

Could you make some Tanghulu at home? Certainly! All it requires is some comfort in working with sugar. Speed is of the essence in coating the fruits – nobody wants a crystallized sugar mess. But don’t worry. With some practice and the right proportions, anyone can master the art of Tanghulu-making.

Here’s how: First, skewer your preferred fruits. Next, dip the skewered fruits in a boiling mixture of sugar, water, and light corn syrup. Finally, quickly immerse this in an ice bath to set the coating. If done correctly, you will be rewarded with a beautiful and delectable homemade Tanghulu!

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