Coronation Street’s Arianna Ajtar Undergoes Surgery, Sparks Body Image Debate

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Arianna Ajtar Speaks on Recent Surgery and Past Decision

Former Coronation Street Star Arianna Ajtar Paved her Way to Success

The Reader Wall brings to you a personal and empowering story straight from Arianna Ajtar, formerly known for her role as Olivia Radfield on the popular soap opera Coronation Street. At the age of 28, the actress shared her recent experience of undergoing a breast augmentation surgery and her expectations towards the result. The actress, who didn’t have a chance to see the results herself yet, has expressed her bubbling excitement.

Reflecting on a Past Decision

Ajtar didn’t hesitate to take our sources on a journey to her past, reminiscing about a similar decision she made when she was just 21. Influenced by the glamorous bodies she observed during a trip to Las Vegas, she impulsively decided to get a boob job. However, she candidly acknowledged the impact of being impressionable at such a young age. With the wisdom of hindsight, Ajtar reflected that she might have approached the decision differently had she been more mature at the time.

Arianna Ajtar: Actress and Successful Entrepreneur

However, don’t classify her just as an actress. Arianna Ajtar has also made her mark in the fashion industry. She is the proud owner of the clothing brand Mars The Label, which saw an eight-figure turnover in 2022. But even amidst the tremendous success in the business world, Arianna expressed her yearning to return to her first love – acting.

Looking Ahead

Talking to our sources, Ajtar revealed that despite her foray into the fashion industry and business achievements, she had not abandoned her passion for acting and has a desire to return to it in the future.

  • Ajtar shares her recent breast augmentation experience
  • Reflects on a similar decision made at 21 under the influence of the bodies she saw during a trip
  • Has achieved notable success with her clothing brand Mars The Label
  • Despite her business achievements, Ajtar expressed her desire to return to acting.

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