Commandos Origins: A Strategic Return to Form, Invites Players for First Playtest

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The Rebirth of Iconic PC Gaming Classics

There’s an ongoing resurgence in the gaming industry—a return to the golden age of gaming, with numerous vintage PC titles making a triumphant comeback. A trend noticeably characterized by the revitalization of classic genres and legendary titles, truly a reflection of nostalgia echoing through the present gaming scene. Here at The Reader Wall News, we bring you the ongoing trend from our credible sources.

Throwback to the Golden Age of Gaming

The rebirth of boomer shooters like ‘Dusk’ and ‘Turbo Overkill’ are among the classics making a grand resurgence, recapturing the essence of iconic gaming pillars such as ‘Doom’ and ‘Half-Life’. Their reappearance alone brings analogues of memories from days when these titans ruled the gaming arena. Furthermore, strategic and tactical games like ‘Ara’, ‘Millennia’, and ‘Classified France ’44’ are rewriting the playbook. By this, they pay homage to legendary titles like ‘Civilization’ and ‘XCOM. These games are indeed inflating new lungs into the beloved formulas of substantial strategy games by presenting a refreshing and modernized gaming experience.

Commandos Origins: A Much Anticipated Comeback

One of the most anticipated comebacks amidst this revival is the ‘Commandos’ series. The series had been silent since 2006, with the exception of a few remasters here and there. However, the announcement of ‘Commandos Origins’ breaks this silence. This new installment serves as a prequel to the acclaimed RTS series, offering fans a fresh experience with the original squad, an extensive campaign, an updated UI and order system, and an addition of two-player co-operation.

Upcoming Playtest for Commandos Origins

The excitement does not end with just the announcement of the comeback. An upcoming playtest for ‘Commandos Origins’ has also been announced. This playtest is offering select gamers an opportunity for an early look into the game, stirring excitement and anticipation within the gaming community. According to our sources here at The Reader Wall News, the publisher, Kalypso, has confirmed that the playtest is scheduled to begin soon after Tuesday, March 12. Players interested in participating in this exclusive experience are required to fill out certain forms for eligibility.


There is undoubtedly a rise in the return of classic gaming, as evident in the surge of reimagined classics trending in the gaming community. With ‘Commandos Origins’ paving the way, the revival of the golden age of PC gaming proves that old is indeed gold, injecting the current gaming landscape with a healthy dose of nostalgia and familiarity. This is an exciting time for gamers, old and new alike, as they go forward into the future while carrying strong, cherished memories of the past. Stay tuned with The Reader Wall News for the latest updates in the gaming industry.

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